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Bras - What are You Wearing?

We're all spending more time at home in Sport Bras for Comfortour comfy clothes.  Which bras are your go-to bras?

When most of us were going to offices, it was important to wear a supportive bra; not only for support, but also to help make our clothes look and fit better.  But, now, what to do?  And, is it helping or hurting us?

In general, it is always better to give your breasts support.  Some of our mothers even told us that it would help to prevent stretching. 

During the day, bras help with posture.  We may sit straighter.  They also help to avoid rashes from sweat (when breasts lay directly skin on skin).

In a broad sense, there are three types of bras.  

First -- Underwire Bras -- Why wear them?  For women who wear larger cup bras, and many of us who just like them, the underwire offers additional support and a more defined look.  Many women claim that they are uncomfortable; however, they may be wearing the wrong size.  If your underwire is digging into your breast tissue, it's definitely not the right size.  The underwire should be sitting directly on your chest wall.  A "U" from your side, under your breast, and against the center of your chest wall.  The back band of your bra should be parallel to the front band.  Not creeping up to your shoulders.

Second -- Non-Underwire Bras -- These bras may or may not offer support; however, they do lift your breasts away from your chest wall.  When they fit properly, they are great and offer less-structured support while also offering comfort.  Again, the back band of the bra should be parallel to the front bad.  A straight line around --- not, hiking up your back.   

Third -- Bandeaus and Sport Bras -- It's so easy to just toss one of these bras on and call it a day.  But, beware, there may be a down side.  I am not a medical professional; however, I do know that we have a lymphatic system.  When you wear a tight sport bra that smashes your breasts, you are inhibiting circulation.  Does that mean all sport bras are bad --- No.  There are some amazing sport-looking bras that offer support without compression.  

What are you wearing?  And, is it working for you?



Note -- At one time, I was a Certified Mastectomy Fitter, Certified by the Board for Orthotist/Prosthetist (BOC), and a shop owner in Princeton, New Jersey.  


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