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Bezi Bra Discs™ The Highest Quality Nipple Covers on the Planet

Undetectable. Allergen Free. Reusable.

(Saving women from embarrassing nipple protrusion).  

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JOIN US LIVE! OCT 3-6, 2019


Hello, Anne here. I'd like to extend a personal invite for you to join us at Made in America 2019! I'm super passionate about supporting American Made businesses. I've included a link so you can join the fun.

Our Inspiration for Bezi Woman™

Where our story begins...

Edith’s, Inc. started as a Lingerie Shop in Princeton, New Jersey.  Edith was a trained lingerie and corset designer from Europe.  The store closed after Edith passed away and her daughter Anne, with the help of an engineer,  developed and patented Bezi™ Bra Discs™. 

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