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Truly A Man With Vision

Having just reached home after a 4 hour drive from Baltimore, I’m savoring the trip as well as the opportunity of meeting a man with incredible vision.

Many years ago, I was told, by a dear friend and inventor, that there are many people with great ideas but who don’t have the drive, the financing, or the vision to turn their dreams into reality.

Last night, I drove to Baltimore, Maryland, to hear and meet Fa Park, the inventor and founder of Color Street®.  Mr. Park came to the US from Korea to pursue a career in music; however, by chance, while sitting on a bus, he watched a woman in the back seat of a car applying wet nail polish.  Being a rare man of vision, he wondered why she was applying polish, and would it dry without destroying everything around her.  He later learned that millions of women frequent nail salons each year and that nail salons can be found everywhere.  Mr. Park started asking many questions.  He learned that although lots of women wear nail polish and frequent salons, there are women who do not have the time or money to visit salons on a regular basis.

Mr. Park took that brief encounter and turned his vision into a billion-dollar company.  Why not create a dry polish, made of actual nail polish, that is affordable and is easy to apply.  He spent the next ten years in pursuit of the knowledge and know-how to create his product and the machinery to produce it.  I was reminded by a friend that this process does take years.  Although we joke about the person who is an “overnight success,” we rarely truly know how many years it took to be that success.  Nor do we think about how many challenges.

My journey with Bezi® Bra Discs was a number of years shorter; however, it did take me years to get the product to market.  Getting a patent approved, the engineering and design, having a prototype mold made, then moving on to getting a production mold, issues with companies to mold the product and then complications with the resin.  It is a lengthy process.  And, it is, for that reason, that I sat in awe last night listening to Mr. Park tell his story. 

What do we both have in common?  We live in a country and a time where dreams can become reality.  Neither of us accepted no for an answer.  Success at any level is a process.  It takes patience and drive to transform an idea into a viable product.  I can only aspire to be as successful as Mr. Park; however, I am truly grateful to have my niche product.

Last night I had an opportunity to hear and meet an amazing man with exceptional vision who told his story and gave all of us hope and belief that anything is possible.  I invite you to hear Mr. Park’s Story -- https://www.colorstreet.com/justgotnails/about#story

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