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About Us

From Our President, Anne Zuckerman

I have been deeply entrenched in the fashion and lingerie business since early childhood. My Mom, Edith, opened her store, Edith’s Lingerie Shop, in Princeton, New Jersey, in 1956. I can remember playing with dolls underneath racks of garments near the shop windows. I hid there and played with my small stuffed animals while my Mom and Grandmother helped customers.

As I grew older, Mom took me into New York City on her buying trips.  I remember how shocked I was to see models parading about in their underwear. However, it gave me the opportunity to meet sales reps, owners of major lingerie companies, and to learn how buying was done. Many times, my Mom, who had a background in design and corset making, was asked for her advice regarding garments and designs. She shared her opinions with designers and company owners alike. These trips also gave me the opportunity to visit lofts where my Mom purchased findings that she used for repairs, such as underwires, corset bones, rolls of bra strap ribbon, and bra hooks and fabric. Mom altered garments in the shop on an old Singer sewing machine.

Many years later, when my Mom got sick, she told me that I would have to do the sleepwear buying for the store. I asked her about my spending parameters. Her exact words were—“you saw me do it, now go do.” And I did. That year I did all the sleepwear buying for Christmas. As my Mom was no longer physically able to take trips into New York, my buying naturally expanded to bras, underwear and shapewear.

At the same time, I received my Certificate from the Board of Orthotists and Prosthetists as a mastectomy fitter. I also did alterations and repairs of garments. We sewed pockets into bras for protheses, I rearranged bra straps to accommodate dresses, and I replaced broken underwires in bras.

After my Mom passed away, I saw a product and I believed that I could do better. I happened to go on a hike and met a Design Engineer. I mentioned that I wanted to create a product. After several meetings, we filed for a patent for Bezi™ Bra Discs™. I invested most of my inheritance on molds to produce these modesty nipple covers.

I love living in a country where someone like me can own a lingerie shop, create a product and sell that product to thousands of women to enhance their lives.

Historical Note – Edith and The Pink Frog

Edith’s, Inc. started as a Lingerie Shop in Princeton, New Jersey.  Edith was a trained lingerie and corset designer from Europe.  The store closed after Edith passed away and her daughter Anne, with the help of an engineer,  developed and patented Bezi™ Bra Discs™  Edith’s is committed to solving a problem and manufacturing products in the USA.

Why the Pink Frog?  When Edith opened her store, she asked Anne what color the walls should be painted.  Anne said pink, her favorite color.  The story is that a customer brought Edith a reclining ceramic frog as a gift when the store opened.  Customers thought that Edith collected frogs and continued to bring her frogs — hence the logo with the Pink Frog.