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Podcasts and Photographs

The intro to my podcast refers to the moment that my father told me that I wasn’t smart enough to go to college.  Part of me believed him.  When I mentioned this to my mother, her reply was that my father was cheap and didn’t want to pay.  All of this was true.

The reality was and is, that I have a limited attention span that ranges between 30 to 90 minutes.  I’ve acquired an amazing education by attending a diversity of lectures and having been blessed, before I was married, to date some brilliant men.  When I lived in DC, the Smithsonian had a lecture series.  The lectures included birding and movies.  A public lecture at Princeton University examined the sex life of a certain variety of moth.  In Boston, I attended a film series at the Boston School of Architecture.  Years later, I had the privilege of working as a temporary secretary at the Plasma Physics Lab in Princeton.  I loved it all.

So how does this relate to podcasting?  Listening to podcasts offers an opportunity to pick a topic and listen.  Do I always want to hear the whole podcast – not always.  However, I can listen, walk away, and return.  Thanks to the internet, I can even delve into the broader background of the guest, and host, and/or the topic.  There have been times when I’ve listened to 30 minutes of a podcast on a topic that is, and remains, totally foreign to me.  What I have found is that, bits and pieces of seemingly irrelevant information appear at a random time in my life when I find them useful.

Podcasts, Photographs, and Stories

This brings me full circle to my experience as a podcast host.  In my years attending conferences and networking meetings, I’ve met fascinating people with knowledge and stories to tell.  All too often, in that situation, a person meets another person only to find out of that person can help them in their professional pursuit. 

What if you could meet people, explore their unique expertise and niche, and offer them a platform to shine.  Yes, the podcast, a photographic window that shines a light on a person and their unique magic.  I love having the opportunity to learn and explore my guest’s world.  I love that I can give them the gift of being discovered by an audience of people.  We will never know what moment, nugget of information, or idea, will make a positive impact on a listener’s life.



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