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My New Favorite Christmas Rom-Com


Christmas and New Year’s Eve have finally passed.  We all search for that comfy moment to think about great family memories, crazy traditions, and, of course, Christmas movies.

Having spent the last month, escaping reality by watching Hallmark Christmas movies, I decided to rewatch a couple of my personal favorites.  I’m not alone, it seems that lots of people love “The Holiday.”  The amazing scenery, the idea of escape with a happy ending, and, of course, the amazing music.  “Maestro” and the rest of the soundtrack by Hans Zimmer and edit by Belal Adel.  In the movie, there is also a reference to the soundtrack of “The Mission” written by Ennio Morricone (which is one of the recordings that is my go to for escape).

This year, I stumbled across a new pick……  Yes, stumbled….. “Love Hard”

“Love Hard” is a wonderful, touching, movie about the ramifications of catfishing.  Catfishing is exhibiting a fictitious image online.  “Love Hard” is a Rom-Com about a woman named Natalie who flies 3,000 miles across country to meet, in person, the guy she’s met on a dating app.  Oh, and the soundtrack is great.  One of the best musical moments is a duet of “Baby It’s Cold Outside.”

I won’t spoil the movie for you.  One of the final lines in the movie is “A passion who’s flame fails to be fanned eventually burns out.”

Let’s all find and flame our passions this year and let’s be honest with a hint of mystery.

Oh – and, if you’d like a taste of the movie – here’s the link to the trailer Love Hard