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Crafting? Why? I'm a Busy Grown Woman!

Thousands of women in places like Minneapolis, Charlotte, Quebec City, Dusseldorf, Munich, Paris, and Tokyo, plus several other cities, gathered two weeks ago for an event called "OnStage."  

OnStage is held twice a year, by a company called StampinUp©.  But, it's more than just a crafting event.  For some of the women who attend, paper crafting is a hobby, something to do as a distraction when tensions rise.  For others, it's a business.  And, in case you're chuckling, under your breath, several women who attended, have sold over $1,000,000 worth of product and have teams of both men and women.

Yes -- it's hard to believe, women and some men, are living in a creative space with stamps, ink, and paper.

Why me?  For years, my friend Sara, told me that she did card-crafting.  One day, she shared that she was travelling to Salt Lake City to an event attended by several thousand women.  Well, I was thinking, I don't send cards and certainly don't want to make them (do I look like Hallmark™) --- but, wow, to be in a room with thousands of Creative Women....  Now, that sounds amazing.  Why?  Because, creative people, even in paper crafting, use a part of their brains that is often untapped.  Too often, our days are repetitive.  We neglect to find WOW in our daily lives.  And, sometimes, Gratitude is not even in our vocabulary.  Paper crafting and StampinUp© have offered me a way to be creative, say thank you to friends and business customers, and feel gratitude for the gifts that abound around me.

But, it's so much more.  I can be as creative as I want to be.  StampinUp!© offers amazing kits.  All I have to do is follow instructions, or in my case, pictures.  Or, I can think way outside the box and make a card using talents I never thought I had.  And, how amazing, to be able to send a thank-you note that I have personally created.

Shop for kits, stamps, ink, and/or paper at StampinUp!® PS Toad 

If you would like information about becoming a Demonstrator and attending OnStage -- Click on the following link --- Becoming a Demonstrator.

Would you like to check out an easy to create kit subscription --- Paper Pumpkin is a month-to-month opportunity to do some easy to create paper crafting.  Everything is in the box. Paper Pumpkin

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