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The Fork In the Road – Choose a Path – Plata O Plomo

As part of a challenge, I was given a tee shirt with the words “Plata O Plomo.”  The literal translation is “Silver or Lead.”  The saying dates back to the drug cartels of the ’70’s.  Take the money or get shot.

What does this mean today?  In the context in which I received the shirt, the meaning is to make a commitment and stick to it because that is the only choice.  Make the choice.

Entrepreneurship is a path.  It is not for the faint of heart.  I dove, head first, into this life.  I inherited some money, saw an opportunity, and said “now or never.”  All my life, I was told that my ideas were a mistake.  But, what if there was opportunity?

So — here we are at a place in history where anything is possible.  I wear my role as an Entrepreneur proudly and my journey starts fresh every day.

Getting a patent, manufacturing a product, and forming a wholesale business was just the beginning.  I now have a strong desire to help other small businesses expand through the vehicle of Sales Funnels.

How does it work?  A company called ClickFunnels, has platform on which anyone can build a sales funnel that can be used to introduce customers to a business as well as to  products.  This link takes you to a video which explains how it works — ClickFunnels  The questions to ask yourself are:

  • How Creative Are You?
  • What is Your Passion?
  • Who Do You Want to Serve?
  • Are You Willing to Work Hard?

My journey has just begun again.  In the coming months, I will be sharing some of the best times, some of my accomplishments and insights, and my progress.

Are you ready for — “Plata O Plomo”?