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"I dreamed I was a real dish in my Maidenform Bra" - A Plate from the 1960's

The 50's in the US were interesting times.  Edith and her parents (my Mom and grandparents) finally decided to start their own business in Princeton, NJ.  Edith had a background in design and corset making, my grandparents, both, had business backgrounds and experience.

Women, in the late 50's and early 60's, wore structured bras, similar to the one shown on this plate.  Bras and girdles were referred to as foundations.  Girdles were either open, similar to a very wide belt, or closed, similar to a bike short.

When I was about 12.  My Mom and I went to New York on a buying trip.  We were going to shop for a party dress for me; but first, we would attend a few lingerie fashion shows, meet a couple of sales reps, and do some purchasing for the store.

It seems crazy now.  I remember meeting the sales rep from Formfit Rogers.  We were escorted to a small office.  Bob, the sales rep, and my Mom discussed which garments she would need for her store.  At some point, Bob called one of the models into the room.  The model was wearing a bra and girdle under a sheer robe.

I was totally embarassed.  The model was standing there in her underwear!

Given what lingerie looks like today, all I can do now is laugh.  The models in the 50's and 60's had more clothing on, in their underwear, than many people wear to go shopping, in the Summer, today.

And, the sales reps.  The bra and girdle sales reps were mostly men.  Many of them were college-educated.  They returned from World War II and needed jobs.  The lingerie industry was growing and stable.   

What was the plate used for?  My guess is decoration or as a small candy dish.  It was not uncommon for lingerie companies to give buyers gifts.  This plate was probably a gift.

"I dreamed I was a real dish in my Maidenform Bra" (circa 1960).

My memories from my childhood,