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Time’s Up – Are Women Being Objectified

BS Sunday Morning and The Issue of Women Being Objectified

Sunday means sitting down to watch Sunday Morning on CBS.  On January 14th, 2018, Oprah had a wonderful segment in which she interviewed a group of women regarding all of the recent lawsuits and injustices that women face in the workplace.

Have women become objectified or have many of us become invisible?  I believe that both have always been and are still true.  Why would women have submitted to wearing corsets, pointed high heels, and binding girdles if not to be attractive and be noticed.  And, how is it that some women make their voices heard and others stay silent?

When I was young, many women were encouraged to forego education and get married.  And, if you decided to have a career, the options were teacher, nurse, or secretary.  Thank goodness those beliefs are gone.  Women, today, have more possibilities than ever.  We can truly be whatever we want — but, at what price?

As a young woman, I worked in Washington, DC, as a secretary.  I had no street smarts, was naive, and had no self-esteem.  I did not have super-model looks and actually looked much younger than was.  This saved me, but, I was invisible.  It has taken me years to find my voice and be heard.

I was watching a reality TV show.  It seemed that almost every woman was wearing a low cut dress with artificial breasts and “headlights.”  Was I paying attention to dialog?  I have no idea what was being said.  I was too busy trying to figure out if the breasts were real.  There is nothing wrong with being attractive.  But, women’s voices also need to be heard.

I truly believe that we, as women, are smart.  We should never be invisible.  Following, is a link to the Sunday Morning segment.  What, as women, have learned from recent events?  And, how can each of us make a difference?

This morning on CBS-Sunday Morning, Oprah interviewed a group of amazing women.

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