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What Can Flying Teach You?

What does it mean to be an entrepreneur, an independent business owner, to be in control of every decision made within your company?  It’s daunting, to say the least, but, those of us who do it would never trade it in for a 9 to 5 job.  Or, as some would say a J. O. B.  We work long hours and way too many days, but, the personal rewards are many.  OK — the down side — we’re isolated and lose track of our accomplishments.

But — what if you could attend a workshop to focus on the positive?  And — the opening activity was an opportunity to Fly? Well, that was the offer that I jumped at.  Linda Waterhouse, of WSI Web Systems offered a half day workshop in King of Prussia, PA.

We met at the IFly facility in King of Prussia, and had an opportunity to watch a training of some of the facility’s trainers by their regional boss.  Looks quite a bit easier than it is.  Next, we watched a safety video and learned hand signals.  It was a bit scary and I wasn’t sure I wanted to leave the room.  However, it was suit-up time, the goggles, the ear plugs, and the helmet.

IFly - WSI Web Systems Workshop

IFly – WSI Web Systems Workshop

You’ve seen videos of people jumping out of planes.  We did it without the plane.  Now, I have to tell you that the day before I was at my attorney’s office talking about revamping my Will.  At this point, I truly wondered whether I’d live to actually sign my Will.

There you are, with your hands in the air, literally falling onto a cloud of air.  And, suddenly, you’re floating — around, watching your friends clapping, feeling the instructor guiding you.  But wait – there’s more!  We had three opportunities to fly.  And, during the last flight, we were given an opportunity to do a “high fly” with an instructor guiding.  It was Amazing.

We then left for the workshop.  What did we learn from the experience?  How can we integrate the experience into our own self-talk, self-confidence, and our business branding.  After all, You define your brand.  But, in order to define your brand, you have to start with who you truly are.  I had an opportunity to do a lot of introspection.  I also learned quite a bit about my workshop partner and her perceptions of me.

Large businesses offer these types of workshops to build teamwork.  If you’re on your own, you have no team; however, maybe you can create one.  I would suggest that being with other entrepreneurs may be a way of having that team.

Think about:

High Fly - WSI Web Systems Workshop

High Fly – WSI Web Systems Workshop

  • Where do you feel your limitations are?
  • Where do you feel like you’re stuck?
  • Where do you feel like you’re “not” amazing?

This workshop will be offered again in January, 2018.  It will fill up fast.  To get your name on a list, please contact  —- Linda Waterhouse of  WSI Web Systems

I’m ready to do it again!  Are you?

by edithsinc on September 24, 2017