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Women, Work, and Glass Ceilings

When did nine-to-five and a paycheck become the only description of work?  Recently Barbara Corcoran made the following comment on the television show:  The View.

“I think that’s a fallacy promulgated out there. Nobody is putting women down … The women I know that have been in corporate America that made it to a certain rank, they opt out more than anything because they have good judgment. They think “Is this worth it?” No. “Is the politics worth it?” No. “Do I want to spend more time raising my family and being a good parent?” Yes. They make a quality-of-life judgment. I think that’s more of it than anything else, than guys putting girls down.”

Following her comment, there was some lively discussion.  But, from another vantage-point — why is it that when I tell people I work, they often say yah, but think no.

Think about all of the women who we have met in life who make money outside of a traditional 9-5 job, i.e., the lady who takes care of dogs while her clients are working, a friend who sells and trades children’s clothes on the web to cobble money for new tires for her car, the gal who takes care of a friend’s children while she works, all of the women who raise children while working for independent companies, the coaches, consultants, and virtual assistants who have created their own companies, the not-so-retired women who have found second, third, or fourth careers, and on, and on.

Several years ago, I had an opportunity to meet with an accountant for a mini-business audit.  It was a courtesy because we both belonged to a local business group.  When he checked out my business records, he turned to me, with a rather surprised look, said “wow, you do have a business.”  Funny how it works.  If a man owns a business, it’s a business.  If a woman owns a business, unless she shows her balance sheet, men think that she has a hobby.


No-one said that there had to be a glass ceiling for women.  We, as women, have bought into the definition.  I challenge all of us to take note of the Independent, Self-Employed Women who we work with and know.  They are my heroes.

Today’s Woman needs Respect and Understanding.  When a Woman says she is working, she is.

by edithsinc on August 31, 2016 No comments